Who we are

Cà de Andol is a winery, dedicated to the production of Prosecco wine, located in the center of Val Longa, one of the most characteristic and secret valleys of San Pietro di Barbozza, in the municipality of Valdobbiadene.

The particular position conveys to those who arrive, a particular effect of pleasant immersion and detachment from the chaotic reality of today, arousing a pleasant sense of relaxation and return to the raw but sincere values of our ancestors.

On this valley the Rebuli family settled in the 1800s, making a living from the very beginning in the cultivation of the vine and in the production of Prosecco wine. Angelo Rebuli, called Andol, then Silvestro and finally still today Guido and Aldo follow this tradition and passion. They follow with care, as were all the daughters, the vines, some of which are almost secular, which surround the characteristic dwelling built in white stone of Cesen.

Wine in a carboy

As usual, between March and April it is possible to taste and buy the loose prosecco in a carboy.

Reservation is recommended to avoid dry mouth !!

Vin de Andol

To toast in the company of friends and relatives at all festive occasions, do not miss in your cellar the Vin de Andol, a traditional bottled fermented prosecco, which with its natural bubbles makes every moment sparkling.

And if you really can not come to visit us, we also ship at home using resistant and safe packaging, contact us without obligation via email